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We know that lack of information is a key barrier in taking a step to prevent child sexual abuse. That's why we've also made available a searchable database of the resources used by our Helpline staff as an additional tool for understanding child sexual abuse and taking actions to prevent it. While we carefully review each resource, inclusion in this library does not mean that we endorse or recommend the resource. Please review any resource carefully for relevance to your own personal situation. 

To find resources, enter the title, a portion of the title or any key word to bring up all relevant resources.

Please note that we are always happy to learn of a new resource for sexual abuse prevention and invite anyone to forward resources to us for review. 

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“She did WHAT?” “He said WHAT?” How to Respond to the Sexual Behaviors of Children (BARCC)

A resource for understanding and evaluating sexual behavior and sexual development in children. Available in both English and Spanish.
Tags: Age Appropriate Behavior, Bi-Lingual, Trainings, Professional, Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, BARCC

Zero Abuse Project: Organization

Organization works to end child abuse, neglect, and exploitation by providing training and education to professionals and parents.
Tags: Prevention, Advocacy, Webinars, Publications, Conferences, NCPTC, Gundersen National Child Protection Training Center, Zero Abuse Project

Youth's Harmful Sexual Behavior Resource List (Jonny Matthew)

Specialized resource list for parents and professionals working with children with sexual behavior problems. Links to workbooks, DVDs, books, guides, articles, and more.
Tags: Adolescent, Parents, PSB, YSB

Your Life Your Voice (1.800.448.3000): Organization

Crisis helpline for youth, open 24/7, can be reached by dialing 1.800.448.3000. Helpline also has email, chat (Monday thru Friday from 6p-12a CST), and text (everyday from 2p-1a CST). Text VOICE to 20121.
Tags: Abuse Survivor, Crisis, Chat, Helpline, Mental Health, Teen, Youth, Boys Town National Hotline, Your Life Your Voice

Working with Nonoffending Caregivers of Children That Have Been Sexually Abused (WCSAP)

Article on working with nonoffending parents, their unique issues, research and recommendations for practitioners.
Tags: Child Survivors, Counselors, Professionals, Therapists, Recovery, Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs, WCSAP

Where to Find Help for Your Child (AACAP)

Article on locating mental health and treatment resources for children and youth.
Tags: Parents, Professional, Survivor, Therapy, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, AACAP

When Toddlers Touch Themselves: The Best Way to Handle a Touchy Situation (What To Expect)

Article on why toddlers masturbate and how to address it.
Tags: Healthy Sexual Development, Parents, Prevention, Self-Soothing Behavior, Sex Education, What To Expect

What Works To Promote Reentry Success: Spotlight on Youth Convicted of Sex Offenses (Council of State Governments Justice Center)

Webinar on reducing recidivism and improving outcomes for juveniles convicted of sexual offenses.
Tags: Juvenile Offenders, Law Enforcement, Parole, Probation, Council of State Governments Justice Center, Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission

What To Do Now? When Step-Siblings Have Sex (Smart Stepfamilies)

Article addressing the concerns of step-siblings having romantic feelings for one another, and how to deal with these issues as a family. Also explored are ways of talking to your children, setting boundaries, and going over house rules and guidelines.
Tags: Faith-Based, Step-Parents, Step-Children, Smart Step-Families

What to do If Your Child Discloses Sexual Abuse: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers (National Child Traumatic Stress Network)

A helpful guide for parents and caregivers on what disclosure is and what you can do to help your child if they tell you they have been sexually abused.
Tags: Child Survivor, Support, National Child Traumatic Stress Network, NCTSN

What Happens Now: Facing Sexual Behavior Problems with Your Child (National Children's Alliance)

Pamphlet that discusses next steps for parents of children exhibiting sexually unsafe behavior including: common questions and feelings caregivers may have, safety planning, treatment, self-care, and how to continue to be supportive to both the child engaging in harmful behavior as well as the other involved party.
Tags: Youth Sexual Behavior Problem, YSB, National Children's Alliance

What Every Athlete Should Know (Safe 4 Athletes)

Information for the student athlete on sexual safety and getting help.
Tags: Coach, Prevention, Parents, Report, Sports, School, Safe 4 Athletes

We Are Survivors: Organization

Organization for survivors of child abuse, domestic abuse and family violence. Hosts retreats.
Tags: Healing, Support, Self-Help, We Are Survivors Foundation

Virtuous Pedophiles: Organization

Online site with information and support for people with pedophilic interests who are committed to children's safety and to never harming a child.
Tags: Abuser, At-Risk, Child Pornography, Child Sexual Abuse Material, CSAM, Online Support Group, Treatment, Virtuous Pedophiles, VirPed

Virtual Global Taskforce: Organization

Reporting internet sexual abuse crimes against children.
Tags: Child Pornography, Child Sexual Abuse Material, Hotline, Helpline, Internet, International, Virtual Global Taskforce

Victim Assistance (Zero Abuse Project)

Resource providing legal, emotional, safety planning, and other assistance to victims of abuse and their families. 24/7 helpline available at: 1.800.325.HOPE.
Tags: Advocacy, Child Survivor, Downstream, Helpline, Law, Non-Offending Parents, Victim Assistance, Jacob Wetterling Resource Center, JWRC, Gundersen, Zero Abuse Project

VALOR: Organization

Organization dedicated to advocacy, prevention, self-defense for all ages against sexual assault and violence. Spanish translation available.
Tags: Bi-Lingual, Public Policy, Prevention, Training, Survivor, California Coalition Against Sexual Assault, CALCASA, VALOR

United States Directory of Domestic Violence Agencies (Hot Peach Pages)

National information of hotlines and resources for domestic violence by state.
Tags: Adult Survivor, Child Sexual Abuse, Crisis, Domestic Violence, Helpline, Hotline, International, Sexual Exploitation, Trafficking, Therapy, Victim Assistance, Hot Peach Pages

Understanding the Sexual Behavior of Children: Part Two

Part two of an article by Toni Cavanagh Johnson, PhD, about the sexual behavior of children and youth.
Tags: Abuse, Development, Healthy Sexuality, Parents, Professional, Youths Sexual Behavior Problem

Understanding the Sexual Behavior of Children: Part One

Part one of an article by Toni Cavanagh Johnson, PhD, about the sexual behaviors of children and youth.
Tags: Abuse, Development, Healthy Sexuality, Parents, Professional, Youths Sexual Behavior Problem