Resources for People Concerned About Their Own Thoughts and Behaviors

If you are someone whose sexual thoughts or behaviors about children concern you, and/or put children at risk for sexual abuse, there is help available for you so that no child is harmed. Stop It Now! asks all adults to be accountable and take responsibility for their behavior. When an adult who is at risk to sexually abuse or who has abused a child is motivated to refrain from and stop any abusive behaviors and get help, they can experience a healthy and safe life.

Specialized treatment for sexual behavior problems is available. It's important that treatment is provided by an experienced specialist in sexual behavior problems. 


Treatment Referrals (Association for the Treatment and Prevention of Sexual Abuse)

Referrals for treatment for adults or youth who have sexually offended, are at-risk for sexually harming a child or adult or may be concerned about other sexual problematic behaviors.

Sex-Specific Therapy Referrals (Child Molestation Research and Prevention Institute)

Resource listing for treatment providers specializing in sex-specific therapy.

Treatment Referrals (Safer Society)

List of treatment providers for children, adolescents and adults who may be engaging in sexually unsafe or abusive behavior.

Help Wanted (Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse)

Self-help program for adolescents, youth and young adults who are sexually attracted to younger children. Course has videos, audio recordings and exercises on getting support, coping skills, healthy sexuality and living a safe life.

The Global Prevention Project

Global project aimed at providing compassionate and informed mental health and wellbeing support to adults with risky sexual thoughts and non-contact sexual behaviors. 

CURE-SORT (Sex Offenders Restored through Treatment)

Information, resources and referrals for adults offending or at-risk to offend.

Virtuous Pedophiles

Online site with information and support for people with pedophilic interests who are committed to children's safety and to never harming a child. 

Get Help (Stop It Now! UK)

Online confidential support and help to address viewing child sexual abuse material (CSAM).

Get Support (Stop It Now! UK)

Online self-help modules to address sexual thoughts or behaviors towards children.

Sex Addicts Anonymous

12-step support groups for adults with addictive sexual behaviors.