Circles of Safety For Youth-Serving Organizations

Circles of Safety provides professional caregivers and youth-serving organizations with the tools, support and training to create safer environments for both the children and families they serve, and for their staff and programs. Adaptable to any youth-serving environment, Circles of Safety brings education and information together with confidence and skill building activities to prepare adults to speak up and prevent sex abuse.

For information on how to bring Circles of Safety to your organization or host a Circles of Safety Training for your professional network, contact:

Jenny Coleman, Director
Email: jcoleman [at] or training [at]
Phone: 413-587-3501
or complete this training interest form

Participants who complete Circles of Safety:

  • Use the knowledge gained about warning signs and situations to define their own rules about personal space, privacy, and appropriate interactions with children;
  • Proactively communicate their boundaries to adults or older youth interacting with their children or the children in their care;
  • Speak up or intervene when they are concerned about an adult or older youth’s behavior around children; and
  • Gather allies to create a circle of safety around children.