Here’s what people who have participated in Circles of Safety training have to say: 

"After this training, I really believe, maybe for the first time, that prevention is possible."
- Training and instructional design specialist

"The training was amazing! I didn't know how much I needed this. Everything was so relevant to my job, and I think everyone should be aware of this information!"
- State sexual assault coalition prevention educator

"Jenny and Micah [the facilitators] were very warm and welcoming as trainers - they definitely built a 'safe space' for participants."
- Community prevention program director

"Phenomenal facilitators, thank you!"
- Child sex abuse prevention program assistant director

"Trainers were wonderful!! So engaging and tuned in to this very sensitive topic. Not an easy task!"
- Professional coach

“Working with Stop It Now! was a rewarding experience. The trainers were able to automatically connect with individuals across a wide spectrum. A majority of the class had very little knowledge of the subject matter yet the trainers were able to simultaneously make them feel comfortable and safe while engaging and empowering them to understand the materials.”
- University training participant 

“I believe that if every household would take this training we could reduce the numbers of childhood traumas which would also reduce the crime rate.” 
- Parent

"The training was valuable. It puts a different perspective on sexual abuse … the proactive perspective as opposed to our usual reactive response when we get disclosures. Having the opportunity to be more proactive about something and having the education to go about doing that will certainly benefit our staff here.”
- Foster care program director

"Very helpful and in depth. This is the first training I have had that looked at issues in the child-child setting."
- Domestic violence program children's services coordinator 

"Whether it was new statistics, new language to use, how to implement a safety plan, or help a foster parent draft a (safety) plan, everyone left with something. … It is a living, breathing, evolving thing, it has truly become part of our practice.”
- Foster care program supervisor

Excellent! Very informative. Presenters were well prepared and knowledgeable. This was very helpful. I train childcare providers and always recommend the Stop It Now! website and resources.” 
- Early education and care professional, elementary school training

“All foster parents need this training, no all humans need this training.”
- Foster parent

"I appreciate the range of perspectives that support this training and the emphasis on how this work changes those who invest themselves into this work."
- Youth-serving organization staff member

"The scope of the training was very good, with lots of specific examples of behaviors"
- Youth-serving organization staff member

"I enjoy how knowledgeable the presenter is, the energy of the presenter and the material is presented in a positive way that grabs my attention"
- Youth-serving organization staff member

Training of Trainers Testimonials

"The trainer was great!! Helpful, patient, responsive and respectful. She made learning potentially difficult information less difficult. This entire curriculum is extremely well thought out and shows. The handouts are specific, readable and straight forward. Powerpoint and trainer notes are clear and straightforward, easy to use and do."
- TOT Participant/Youth-Serving Organization Staff Member

Overall, I was impressed with the respectfulness of Stop It Now! and this Circle of Safety training, for the child, the providers, those at risk to abuse and those who have. No one loses their humanity. That's beautiful. It really is about hope. Hope to prevent and hope to recover.
- TOT Participant/Youth-Serving Organization Staff Member

It was great! The combination of everything made it beneficial.
- TOT Participant/Youth-Serving Organization Staff Member

Being a part of this training has personally changed my world, that of my own child and that of all the little ones I care for. With education comes knowledge, with knowledge we become more aware of what needs changing. One child, one family, one community at a time.
- TOT Participant/Youth-Serving Organization Staff Member