How Does Therapy Help a Child?

A trained therapist can help your child express their feelings. Children don’t always feel free to express how they’re feeling to a parent or other adult they care about. In fact, the love they feel towards these adults makes children want to protect them. They’re scared that bringing up difficult subjects and feelings will cause pain and upset to the adults they’re closest to.

A therapist or counselor can be a “safe” adult for a child to talk to – someone who won’t get hurt, angry or frightened, no matter what the child says. Within this “safe” relationship the child is encouraged to explore and express their feelings.

Specialized therapists can:

  • Help your child put words to their thoughts and feelings
  • Validate that the abuse was not their fault
  • Support your child through the investigation and aftermath of the abuse
  • Help you understand specifically how the abuse has affected your child
  • Provide you with guidance about how you can support yourself, your child and your family