Your Voice is Valuable

Healing from trauma is possible when a sense of safety is restored, when the harm is acknowledged and validated and when those responsible are accountable or are held accountable for the harm they caused. 

Please note: This project has been completed, but please contact Jenny Coleman, 413-587-3501 with any questions. 

Have you experienced sexual abuse by a member of the clergy, and are you willing to share your thoughts?  

Please consider helping us learn from your experiences. All contact is completely confidential. We seek to connect with individuals who were sexually abused by priests, nuns and other members of the church community in the Diocese of Springfield. 

Who We Are

Stop It Now! is an internationally-recognized sexual abuse prevention organization. Stop It Now! has no affiliation with the Catholic Church or any other faith community or tradition. All contact will be confidential.

About This Project 

The Diocese of Springfield has contracted Now! to create policies, procedures and actions that protect children from abuse, keep vulnerable adults safe and respond to any allegation or disclosure of sexual abuse. 

Stop It Now! was founded by a survivor of sexual abuse, and we understand the importance and value of the voice and knowledge shared by those who experienced abuse. We hope you will consider helping us explore questions, such as:

  • What were the factors that contributed to the past failure of the Diocese to provide adequate response and support to those who were sexually abused?
  • What would meaningful accountability for the resulting harm look like?
  • How can the Diocese restore a sense of safety and validation for those who were victimized, for their families and for the community as a whole? 
  • What can the Diocese do in the future to prevent sexual abuse?

With the help of survivors and others, Stop It Now! will write a formal report and present it to a task force at Diocese of Springfield. These valuable insights and lessons will provide the Diocese with information about what they can do differently to keep children and vulnerable adults safe and to respond to any allegation or disclosure of sexual abuse. 

The Diocese of Springfield 

The Diocese of Springfield has acknowledged its past failure to adequately support healing for individuals who were sexually abused by priests, nuns and other members of the church community.

The Diocese has made a commitment to learn from those directly impacted and about concrete ways that it might do better. The Diocese contracted Stop It Now! to lead an independent inquiry to create a safe forum for men, women, and others who experienced sexual abuse within the Church to share their experiences and insights.


All inquiries are confidential and no names or identifying info will be shared.