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Stop It Now! is committed to creating a private place where people can freely and openly discuss their concerns about child sexual abuse and consider what steps to take next. We maintain your confidentiality as long as you keep your anonymity. To maintain privacy, anyone contacting the Helpline should refrain from disclosing identifying information, such as last names, addresses, phone numbers, and employers of anyone directly involved in an abusive situation. Stop It Now! does not need any of these details to provide guidance and resources. Please recognize that if you choose to provide Stop It Now! with identifying information about specific people involved in a particular child abuse situation, Stop It Now! may be required to file a report with the appropriate authorities. If you have further questions, please ask or review our privacy policy.

PLEASE DOUBLE-CHECK THAT YOUR EMAIL IS CORRECT. If your email is incorrect, we have no way of contacting you.
Your question may be edited for clarity, anonymity, graphic language and length. Any identifying information about the sender or anyone mentioned by the sender will be removed. Not all submissions will be posted on the website or used for training. Visit Ask Now! Advice Column