Create a Facebook Fundraiser

Step 1:

Open Facebook, and navigate to the Stop It Now! page. From there, click on the fundraisers tab. (Note: If you are on a mobile device, the fundraisers tab will be on the top bar; if you are on a computer, it will be on the left-hand side.)

Step 2:

Click the “raise money” button to create your fundraiser.

Step 3:

Set your fundraising goals and timeline. Fill in the amount you hope to raise, and set an end date. 

Step 4:

Hit “next” to personalize your fundraiser. Select a title and then tell your friends and family why you are raising money for Stop It Now!. Remember, your friends and family will be interested in the cause, but they are primarily interested in you. Add your own text to let them know why you are fundraising for Stop It Now!. Share why Now!’s mission is meaningful to you and how donating to your fundraiser will help keep children safe from sexual harm. For more ideas and language, take a look at our Fundraising Kit.

Step 5:

Pick a cover photo. Facebook will automatically load a picture from the Stop It Now! Facebook page. To select a different photo, hit the edit button located at the bottom right of the picture. From there, you can choose a different photo from Stop It Now!’s page, or upload your own photo from your mobile device or computer.

Step 6:

Select “create” to publish your fundraiser and share it to your Facebook timeline. It’s always a good idea to kick off your fundraiser by making the first contribution. This way, your friends and family will know that you are serious about the issue and join in!

Step 7:

Now it’s time to get your friends involved! Click “invite” or “share” at the top of your fundraising page to let your friends and family know about your fundraiser. Consider reaching out directly to your close friends and family on their Facebook profiles or via a private message, text message, or phone call. A personal message asking for their support will go a long way! 

When someone donates, make sure to thank them for joining with you to raise money for Stop It Now!. You can post a message directly under their donation notification on your fundraiser page.  

As your end date approaches, be persistent in posting your fundraiser to your profile and make sure to keep your community updated on your progress.