Should I report abuse that occurred 10 years ago in China?


Dear Stop It Now!,

If a minor reports molestation that occurred 10 years ago in an orphanage in China, does a mandated reporter have to report this?

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Dear Concerned Professional,

From the situation described, it does not sound like you would be mandated to report. Assuming you don’t have the abuser’s name, and since this occurred in China ten years ago, unfortunately our Child Protective Services (CPS) likely would not be able to investigate.

Taking Action to Protect Children
However, you may still want to call nevertheless and see if there is anything more can be done and whether they still want to take your report. Also, if you have the name of the orphanage or adoption agency, I would encourage you to let them know about what this child disclosed, giving them any details you have. Perhaps they will be able to give you more information, or be able to investigate and protect children in the future.

Healing Steps for the Child
Now that this child has disclosed, I would encourage this child’s family to seek the help of a professional who is trained to work with Child Survivors. Having this specialized therapist moving forward will be the first important step to ensure that this child can finally be able to begin working towards healing from this trauma: something that they so deserve. Our tip sheets on healing and intervening from our Online Help Center on Children’s Behaviors, as well as our Parents of Survivors resources may be of interest to you, or to this child’s family.

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Last edited on: November 6th, 2018