September 20 2018 Webinar

"Dear Stop It Now! Helpline... My daughter says her teacher is creepy. "

With frequent news stories describing abusive behavior from adults in youth-serving institutions, this webinar brings real-life questions from parents and other caring adults concerned with warning sign behaviors in a coach, faith leader or school employee. Policies and procedures should be required in every youth serving organization, but even when they are provided to both staff and guardians, there is still uncertainty about how to speak up and take action before a child is harmed. Through sharing helpline letters, we’ll discuss ways caregivers and even other professionals can start the conversation with a school, faith-based institution or sports club about safety. We’ll review key topics that every caregiver should ask their school or program about, and also explore communication tips to address warning signs and inappropriate behaviors with professional adults caring for children. This webinar will build confidence to recognize and respond to unsafe behaviors occurring in a youth-serving setting.

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