Position Papers

If you are first hearing of Stop It Now!, or are still new to exploring and making the best use of our resources, we highly recommend you read our Position Papers which you can find in the "Position Papers" block on the right side of this page.

"A Unique Approach to Primary Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse" introduces the reality of the problem of child sex abuse with a series of statistics. It then continues by outlining our core beliefs, most notably that "Child sexual abuse is preventable. It is not inevitable.". The paper then elaborates on how we put those beliefs into practice, and the effect those practices have had on those who we have been able to help.

"The Importance of Person-First Language" concisely explains our commitment to the treatment of language, and how this directly supports our prevention efforts: people are much more complex than a single label, and a label suggests that behavior is permanent. Instead, by naming behaviors, we allow and expect a person to change over time.