Impact and Successes

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Impact and Accomplishments

Stop It Now! has made significant and permanent contributions to the fields of public health, child abuse prevention, and crime prevention. These include:

Sparking Innovation

We are breaking ground by helping survivors, recovering sex offenders, and families of both to step forward, join bystanders - and work together to break cycles of abuse.

  • Developed, piloted and evaluated a community-based program approach in Vermont, demonstrating that some potential abusers will stop, seek help and be accountable.
  • This prevention strategy was successfully adapted by independent Now! programs in Minnesota, the UK and Ireland. Other independent Now! initiatives in the US and abroad launched with materials, strategic guidance, and technical support from Stop It Now!.
  • Evaluation of the Stop It Now! Georgia and Stop It Now! Minnesota programs show greater effectiveness of a multifaceted approach to sexual abuse prevention.

Changing Policy 

We are making lasting contributions to child abuse prevention by engaging with policy makers, professionals and community leaders.

  • “Adult responsibility” for preventing child sexual abuse has gained broad acceptance.
  • As part of its collaboration with Stop It Now!, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recognizes child sexual abuse as a preventable public health problem and it is one of the top three priority child maltreatment issues in the agency.
  • A CDC competitive call for pilot project proposals was designed around the Stop It Now! approach, and two of the three grantees utilized the Stop It Now! community-based program model.

Serving Children and Families 

We provides prevention information and tools to thousands of adults, families and communities every month.

  • Our Helpline is the first and only free, confidential, toll-free phone and email service specializing in preventing child sexual abuse and offering help to any adult with questions and concerns. We have recently added an interactive, self-guided tool (Online Help Center) and a new advice column (Ask Now!)
  • The second iteration of our website ( offers all we’ve learned about preventing child sexual abuse – and increases two-way dialogue and action. Relaunched in 2009,  receives over 70,000 visitors monthly or nearly a million visitors a year.

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