Survivors Lead the Way on Prevention

Stop It Now!® was founded in 1992 by Fran Henry, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, who recognized that the standard ideas about preventing sexual abuse of children at that time weren't enough.

Stop It Now! believes that all adults must accept the responsibility to recognize, acknowledge and confront the behaviors that put children at risk to be sexually abused.

Stop It Now! provides adults, families and communities the resources and support they need to prevent the sexual abuse of children - before there’s a victim to heal or an offender to punish.

Fran's daring innovation that lead to the creation of Stop It Now! and its signature approach was to create a forum in which the survivors of child sexual abuse, their families, and recovering sex offenders could step forward, "speak up", and work together to end the cycle of abuse.

"You have no idea how much of an impact your actions have on a child, how it can absolutely devastate a person's life, and how much work it takes to reverse the damage done. You must realize that no matter how small you consider the act you have done, it has changed that child and will have lasting consequences. I can only hope and pray that you get help so you will not repeat the offense. It is up to you to stop the cycle now."

- A survivor of childhood sexual abuse speaking to someone who has sexually offended

Join with us to break the cycle of abuse