About Ask Now!

The Ask Now! advice column is one of the services offered by Stop It Now! Help Services.  Please read the FAQs below and submit your question.

Where do the questions come from?

These questions are a selection of the inquiries received by our Helpline from adults asking for help, support and guidance regarding a personal situation involving child sexual abuse and its prevention. Users have given permission to post their question and our response. The exception is a model question that represents a concern or issue frequently presented by Helpline users.

What you can expect from our responses

Our replies contain information, resources and guidance. We respond based on the expertise and knowledge we’ve gained through our years of research and consultation with professionals and through our conversations with people like you. Our staff continuously reviews and updates information and resources.

We don’t offer therapy, legal advice or investigative services. Ask Now! responses may contain general information about these matters but they do not replace consultations with professionals. We do provide resources to help locate professionals.

If you’re not yet 18 and have a question, here is a list of organizations that can help.

Will my question appear on the website?

When you submit a help inquiry, you will be asked if you would like your question included in the Ask Now! advice column. If you agree, then your inquiry and our response will be reviewed for posting on the Ask Now! advice column.  A selection of these will then be posted on the website as resources and staffing permit.

Inquiries from users who have agreed to posting will be posted on Ask Now! section of the website in an anonymous format. This means that all names and email addresses will be removed before posting. Questions that contain identifying information about the sender or anyone mentioned by the sender will not be posted. Your question may be edited for clarity, anonymity, graphic language and length.

If you do not want your question published, you can note that on your inquiry form and it will not be posted.

What about confidentiality?  Can I be recognized if I post my inquiry?

All identifying information in your email will be removed. However, your situation may be familiar to others.  Our goal for Ask Now! is that adults  recognize the similarities in their own situations without recognizing any of the involved adults or children. By sharing your situation and questions, other adults will be able to get answers to their questions and to feel less isolated with their concerns.

Please note

Reading about child sexual abuse can be upsetting. These columns may bring up difficult feelings. Please take care of yourself and seek out support, or contact the Helpline if you have any concerns or questions.