What 5,000+ adults think about child sexual abuse - Webcast

Do you know what US adults think about preventing child sexual abuse? 

  • Do most adults believe that strangers are the biggest risk to children?
  • What do adults say that they would do if faced with suspected abuse?
  • Do they support treatment for offenders?

If you don’t know or ever wondered how other Americans view this highly charged issue, you can’t afford to miss our upcoming webinar to release our report on "What Do U.S. Adults Think about Child Sexual Abuse? Measures of Knowledge and Attitudes Among Six States."  The free webinar will take place on Tuesday, June 29, 2010 at 1:00 PM Eastern time US.  Register here for the webinar.

Between 1993 and 2007, Stop It Now! and its local affiliates conducted ten separate telephone surveys to understand what adults know and believe about preventing child sexual abuse. Results from surveys of over 5,000 US adults provide a unique picture of where the American public stands on the highly-charged issue of child sexual abuse.  This one-hour webcast will review the survey’s keys findings and program implications; important for everyone who is working to keep children safe from sexual abuse.

For professionals, policy makers and ordinary adults, to prevent the sexual abuse of children, we have to understand what adults know and think about the issue. If you think you know how adults view the issue, you may be surprised what you learn. 

Register here for the webinar. This is your chance to get the data yourself and ask the report writers your questions.

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