Technical Assistance and International Training

Technical Assistance

Our Technical Assistance program disseminates lessons and expertise learned from our experience creating environments that keep children safe from sexual harm, from our Helpline — our window to real life challenges with sexual abuse prevention — and from our partnerships with violence prevention leaders around the globe. We believe that real prevention happens through collaboration and sharing. 

As part of our strategic partnerships, we consult with groups that are adapting key elements of our adult-responsibility, community-based program model. We respond to requests for review of resources and materials supporting professional audiences, as well as giving parents access to accurate information and education. We have worked with programs developing their own prevention curriculums and tools, and have provided consultation for programs embedding prevention concepts and models into their settings.

Helpline Technical Assistance

We are available for consultation and expertise to helplines seeking to strengthen their response to parents and professionals who raise concerns about children's sexual development and safety. Our model, translated into our calm, informed and practical steps for prevention, can serve as a foundation for any help service supporting and guiding caregiving adults.

Sharing What We’ve Learned Internationally

Stop It Now! collaborates with organizations in countries with emerging social services to support and learn from them around planning, adopting and adapting key program components of the Stop It Now! community-based program model. These efforts are designed to improve the capacity of professionals and policy makers to help adults and communities ensure the sexual health and safety of children through a focus on adult responsibility, primary prevention and help for everyone involved.

Sample Activities

  • Individual sessions to build shared understanding
  • Self-study analysis
  • Material review
  • Focus groups for professionals in child/family-serving organizations
  • Sustainability planning
  • Collaborating on adaptation of Stop It Now! child sexual abuse prevention resources and materials
  • Training of professionals and community members, both in person and electronically
  • Sharing Stop It Now! Helpline best practices