Briefing Sheet: Circles of Safety

Our Circles of Safety trainings have been developed through our experience guiding thousands of adults through action steps to keep children safe. Circles of Safety (COS) is available to help child-serving agencies and professionals to prevent child sex abuse in their programs and institutions, as well as to train professionals to promote sexually healthy families and safe environments

We offer a training menu tailored to meet the specialized needs of diverse professional youth-serving programming, including short webinars, online courses, in-person workshops and full day trainings and ongoing shared learning activities. COS is available to educational institutions to promote safe communities; for community mental health providers to teach prevention concepts in their communities; for early childhood care and education professionals to create safe living and learning environments; and for many other populations.

Training Descriptions
The Circles curriculum is a series of trainings that can either be offered individually or as modules building on each other to create a training experience designed to create and embed a culture of prevention in any youth-serving organization or group. This training brings education and information together with confidence and skill building activities to prepare adults to speak up and prevent sex abuse.

Our Circles of Safety training is adaptable to any youth serving environment, and for any audience of adults in caregiving and/or protective roles. From webinars to training of trainer (TOT) programming, Stop It Now! provides a skill-based, confidence raising and action planning educational experience.