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Our programs work to move beyond just addressing the impact of child sexual abuse to seek out the root causes and identify ways to prevent abuse before a child is harmed. We also address situations where there is a risk for harm or where harm has likely occurred.

Before a child is harmed…Stop It Now!

  • Provides information about setting standards for respectful behavior in our families, with friends and in the community that promote healthy, safe relationships that protect children.
  • Advocates for a social and policy climate where every adult is committed to the idea “We will not tolerate the sexual abuse of children.”
  • Conducts original research in collaboration with others to determine risk and protective factors related to sexual abuse against children
  • Implements proactive strategies to address the need for accurate information about preventing sexual abuse of children
  • Offers information and resources about healthy and unhealthy sexual behavior to encourage adults to be willing to talk with their children and with other adults about these topics
  • Uses social marketing campaigns to spread positive messages about the power of prevention
  • Reaches out to media representatives with accurate and useful information about prevention
  • Uses technology to continually increase the reach of our messages
  • Offer trainings to a wide variety of professionals, parents and caregivers on how to prevent abuse
  • Works collaboratively with other violence prevention organizations
  • Devises community-specific interventions through our community-based programs

When there’s risk for harm…Stop It Now!

  • Resources for all adults to recognize warning signs an adult may be at risk to harm a child
  • Resources for all adults to recognize warning signs a child is being abused
  • Resources for those concerned about their sexual thoughts towards children

When harm has likely occurred…Stop It Now!

  • Challenges all adults to take full responsibility for stopping sexual abuse of a child
  • Assists adults in overcoming the barriers to taking action to keep a child safe
  • Offers resources for everyone