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Stop It Now! offers online training to help adults prevent child sexual abuse. Our webinars help parents, professionals and all adults learn about the Stop It Now! approach and our research, and about using our online tools for prevention. 

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Creating Circles of Safety: How organizations and adults can speak up to keep children safe from sexual abuse

December 7, 2012
Marywood University, Scranton, PA


Creating Circles of Safety: Training of Trainers for Parent Educators November 1-2, 2012
YWCA New Britain, CT
Community-based Efforts for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse October 25, 2012
Institute for Security Studies
3rd International Conference on Crime Reduction and Criminal Justice
Johannesburg, South Africa
Role of Child Helplines in Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

October 19, 2012
International Consultation
Child Helpline International
Durban, South Africa

Creating Circles of Safety: How organizations and adults can speak up to keep children safe from sexual abuse

Evening and Daytime Series
October 2012

Creating Circles of Safety: From Awareness to Action

August 13, 2012
Defending Childhood Initiative
Futures Without Violence


Professional Practice Webinar:
How Understanding and Responding to Children's Sexual Behaviors Can Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

April 25, 2012


Conference Presentation:
Culturally Informed Partnering for Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Across Continents

March 12, 2012
Second International Conference
in Africa on Child Sexual Abuse

Accra, Ghana


Introductory Webinar:
Awareness to Action: Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

March 7, 2012
December 1, 2011
August 10, 2011


Awareness to Action Workshop

January 27, 2012
Missoula, Montana


Research Webcast:
Healing for Children Who Have Been Victimized Online

December 8, 2011


Research Webcast:
Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation? Why Definitions and Linkages Matter for Prevention

December 8, 2011


Introductory Webinar:
Awareness to Action: Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

December 1, 2011


Advanced Training for Preventing Child Sexual Abuse:
Cross Cultural Explorations, Explanations and Interventions

April- May, 2011
University of the West Indies,


Conference Presentation:
Stop It Now!: A Public Health Model of Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

March 1, 2011
limited to participants in
"Interventions for Child Sexual Abuse Prevention in Grenada"


Research Webcast:
Competing Meanings of Childhood

December 7, 2010


Research Webcast:
Perceptions of Child Sexual Abuse in the Caribbean

August 3, 2010


Research Webcast:
What Do U.S. Adults Think about Child Sexual Abuse?

June 29, 2010


Introductory Webinar:
Prevent Child Sexual Abuse:  Learn to Use a New Online Tool

April 28, 2010


Introductory Webinar:
Prevenir el abuso sexual infantil: Compartir estrategias

Sponsored by Child Helpline International

December 2, 2009


Sharing US Strategies with International Violence Prevention Advocates

 July 16, 2009



What's a webinar?

A webinar is an online workshop where you watch a presentation on the internet and listen to the presenters on the telephone.  Our webinar will have a limited number of participants for an in-depth discussion including live text chat and question and answer session.

What people are saying...

  • The technology used was perfect...You kept it at a reasonable clip and succint, thoughtful, evidence based information was provided.
    I was very happy with this event.
  • This was my first conference call involving a computer so i enjoyed this new venture. I would like to thank you for all of your work in getting this information to us. It is invaluable and will be used to its fullest.
  • This is the first webinar where I felt comfortable asking a question.

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Other training resources

Training on child sexual abuse prevention :

Darkness to Light - prevention and intervention training for adults
Generation FIVE - prevention advocacy
Prevent Child Abuse Vermont - programs for professionals, parents, teens
Committee for Children - personal safety curriculum pre-K through 3rd grade
Good Touch/Bad Touch - in-school program pre-K through 6th grade
International Center for Assault Prevention - in-school programs pre-K through 12th grades
Kempe Center
- training for professionals
NEARI - training for professionals/caregivers of at risk youth

Training on working with children who have been abused:

National Children’s Advocacy Center,
National Child Protection Training Center,
Child Welfare League of America,
National Children’s Alliance,

Training on working with youth with sexual behavior problems:

Kempe Center,

Training on working with adults with sexual interest in children

Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers,
Child Molestation Research & Prevention Institute,

Please note: The missions and strategies of the organizations listed above do not always reflect the views of Stop It Now!. Listing does not constitute an endorsement or verification by Stop It Now! of the services or products advertised or provided (see Terms of Use). Please contact us if you know of other organizations to add to this