Stop It Now! featured on TalkZone online radio show

Deborah Donovan Rice participated in an online radio show, TalkZone's Let's Talk Live NOW! on January 14, 2009.  The show entitled "Sexual Abuse:  The Road Map of Pain" included interviews with Donovan Rice and  author Dr. Nathaniel Winston.  Topics included surprising statistics on child sexual abuse, information on Stop It Now! and how to protect children from abuse.  The show was moderated by Valarie Denise,  "Miss V on the Scene, Internet Talk Radio's Smooth Voice of Information and Empowerment." 

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Episode Segments

Sexual Abuse – Part One
Deborah Donovan Rice, Executive Director of Stop It Now!, and author Dr. Nathaniel Winston share some surprising and shocking statistics about sexual abuse, and why victims seem to blame themselves. Also learn about the mission of Stop It Now, and how to instruct your child on how to recognize sexual abuse.

Sexual Abuse – Part Two
Learn about some of the areas of concern of Stop It Now, including the sexualization of children in the media and the marketplace. Plus – the warning signs of abuse and the common links among those who have been abused.

Sexual Abuse – Part Three
Ms. Rice and Dr. Winston explain why many victims of sexual molestation choose never to reveal or discuss their experience. They also discuss the lack of knowledge by the general public about the severity of this epidemic.

Listen to the podcast>>