Stop It Now! has a confidential toll-free Helpline (1.888.PREVENT).

If you are concerned about your sexualized thoughts or behaviors towards children, you can call the Stop It Now! confidential, toll-free Helpline at 1.888.PREVENT (1.888.773.8368).  No caller ID is used on this line. Check hours.

For more than 15 years, our national Helpline has provided a confidential place for thousands of people to speak about a subject that they thought was unspeakable. We offer a chance for adults to voice their personal fears about their own or someone else’s sexualized thoughts or behavior toward children. Often our callers indicate that they have never spoken these words out loud before.

If you are thinking about sexual interactions with a child, Helpline staff will assist you in finding the help you need to keep yourself and children safe.

If you have already sexually abused a child or if you are unsure about whether what you have done is illegal, Helpline staff can help you learn what steps can be taken to ensure the safety of the child, including how to access specialized treatment for yourself.

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Organization: CROGA

Description: A free and anonymous guide to help identify and explore behaviors associated with accessing illegal sexual images online. This self-directed program offers techniques to cope with difficult emotions and thoughts which impact illegal use of the Internet. Not meant as a substitute for specialized treatment.

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