Don’t wait.

If you are concerned about keeping your child safe from sexual abuse, now is the time to create a safer environment for everyone in your family. Prevention means promoting healthy behaviors rather than waiting to punish violations.

The most effective sexual abuse prevention happens before a child is harmed. That’s where the real opportunity lies. Kids are safer when adults take the time to get the facts about sexual abuse and behaviors that might suggest a problem early on. Children are safer when adults choose to share prevention information and speak up as soon as they have a concern—rather than waiting for evidence of harm. Kids shouldn’t be given the responsibility to recognize and challenge unsafe behaviors in adults or older children.

Here are 3 actions that you can take to protect kids from sexual abuse, beginning today.

Take Responsibility

Learn, Teach and Practice

Make a Plan

Remember, the most effective prevention involves actions you take before any abuse occurs. Prevention can start in your home today.

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