The Internet makes it easy to cross the line.

Since it is so easy to access sexually explicit images on the Internet, you may find yourself acting on curiosities you didn’t have before. You may be realizing that you feel less in control of your use of pornography, for example by spending more and more time viewing it and or looking for new and different types of pornography, including images of children. Although it may feel like your internet activity is anonymous, remember that sexual images of children are illegal, and law enforcement is constantly looking for those who use, produce and distribute these images.

Get help before it’s too late.

You may have “stumbled across” sexual images of children and found that you were curious or aroused by them. If you have continued to look at or seek out these types of images, you may have explained this behavior to yourself or others by saying that you came across them by accident. A fascination or interest in sexual images of children is a sign a person needs help. If you are concerned about what you have been looking at or the sexual thoughts and feelings you have while online, seek the help of a professional who specializes in this area.

Frequent use of adult pornography can sometimes lead to use of child pornography.

Some adults who regularly use legal adult pornography get bored with images of adults and begin to look for pictures of different types of sexual encounters. Not everyone who views child pornography is sexually attracted to children. You might find the images arousing because they are new or different from sexual situations you have seen before. You might also get a thrill from the risk-taking involved in looking at something that is illegal.

Child pornography is illegal because it is evidence of a crime.

Some people call the child pornography images “crime scene photographs” to make the point that taking the picture or behaving sexually with a child is a crime. Viewing child pornography harms children. You may justify your viewing of child pornography by saying to yourself that you would never behave sexually with a child in-person, but it is still illegal.

Viewing child pornography can affect your judgment about what is acceptable with children.

Frequently viewing pictures of children or underage teens in sexual poses or engaged in sexual activities may lessen your inhibitions about behaving sexually with them. Even legal[ital] images of adult models made to look much younger (even prepubescent) can distort the socially acceptable and legal standards that dictate where the lines are drawn. This “gray” area of pornography can confuse adults about what is legal behavior between adults and children, or between minors. The volume of material out there may make it seem like “everyone” is doing it, and may make you feel like it would be okay for you ask a child to do sexual things or show them these images. But it is not; it’s illegal.

If you are concerned about your own use of illegal images, here are 4 things you can do.

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Organization: CROGA

Description: A free and anonymous guide to help identify and explore behaviors associated with accessing illegal sexual images online. This self-directed program offers techniques to cope with difficult emotions and thoughts which impact illegal use of the Internet. Not meant as a substitute for specialized treatment.

Description: Understanding the harm of child pornography to the user and their family, successful recovery stories, federal and state laws, reporting, and getting help.

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Abstract:Guidebook with safety tips for families and children and encouragement to question harmful use of the internet and new technologies.
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