Intervening now is key

It is crucial to address sexually harmful behaviors in youth promptly, especially as they approach an age at which they can be held legally accountable for their actions. The stakes only get higher if you wait. Act now.

Some things to keep in mind when talking to a child or teen about their harmful sexual behaviors towards others

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Organization: National Center on Sexual Behavior of Youth


FAQ’s and publications about youth with sexual behavior problems, offending youth, and healthy sexual development

Organization: The New England Adolescent Research Institute (NEARI)

Description: Education and treatment center offering a free catalog of publications for professionals and families addressing treatment and recovery for youth with sexual behavior problems

Helpful Articles
Title:Understanding Your Childs Sexual Behavior: Whats Natural and Healthy
Toni Cavanagh Johnson
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Title:Understanding problematic sexual behavior on the Internet, recovery tools, and changing the way you live.
Abstract:Pointing to a way out, this book explores the danger signs, dynamics of the addict
Joseph M. Moriarity, Patrick J. Carnes, David L. Delmonico,Elizabeth Griffin.
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