When trying to understand what your child is going through, the most important thing is to realize just how complicated it is for children to talk about the abuse.  There are many reasons children are reluctant or unable to tell about sexual abuse. Here are some important things to remember about a child who is telling or attempting to tell.

Kids feel confused

Kids feel responsible

Kids feel scared

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Organization: Child Help USA (local reporting numbers)

Description: National hotline (1.800.422.4453) and listing of local child abuse reporting numbers will link you to local reporting agencies.
Organization: Child Help (1.800.4ACHILD)


1.800.422.4453  National website and confidential hotline offers support in response to all child abuse including referrals to counseling for child victims.


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Title:Helping Traumatized Children: A Brief Overview for Caregivers
Abstract:Advice and guidance about nurturing and responding to children who have experienced trauma by Bruce D Perry
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