Prevention for Youth-Serving Organizations

Children’s safety in school, camps, sports and in other extracurricular activities is more likely assured when organizations, staff and parents learn about the steps and resources they can take to create a safer environment. Providing children with healthy sexuality education and actions they can take for their own body safety are important steps in protection. However, it is crucial that the adults take responsibility in creating a culture of safety to protect children from abuse.

A culture of safety in any youth-serving organization requires an engaged commitment to establishing and training on policies and procedures that address boundaries, supervision and how to respond to concerns. It means empowering and WELCOMING anyone with a concern about a child’s safety to speak up.

Review our prevention tip sheets to help learn more about what you can do to keep children safe in youth-serving environments and institutions:

Educators and professionals in youth serving institutions should review Safety in Daycare/Educational Settings to help them assess their current policies.

For additional information and tools to create a Culture of Safety in your organization, see below.