For Parents of Children with Disabilities

The most effective prevention happens before a child is harmed. Children are immediately safer when parents and caregivers take the time to learn about sexual abuse. These tip sheets provide parents and caregivers of children with disabilities the information they need to keep children safe from sexual abuse.

Every child, disability, means of communication, and family situation is unique. Use this information with your situation in mind. This is a lot of information to absorb. And we know that the fear and anxiety we feel when even considering our child could be sexually abused makes it hard to act. We encourage you to start by defining your support team—the people who help you to care for your child including your child's pediatrician, respite providers, teachers, and family members. Then use these tip sheets to reach out and start a conversation.

Tip Sheets (.pdf) for Parents of Children with Disabilities

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Special thanks to the Chicago Children's Advocacy Center and the Coalition Against Sexual Abuse of Children with Disabilities (CASACD).