Online Help Center FAQs

The Online Help Center at

In 2008, Stop It Now! developed the Online Help Center as a private, 24/7 online resource for people with concerns or questions about child sexual abuse. For more than 13 years Helpline staff have been talking with concerned people from across the country. Taking the lessons learned from the Helpline, the Online Help Center at was specifically created to make it easier for anyone grappling with questions about how to prevent or stop sexual abuse of a child to find answers and tools to cope.

How does the Online Help Center work?

Your visit to the Online Help Center begins by answering a few basic questions about your concerns. Then you receive a customized selection of information and resources. The OHC provides guidance based on who is involved in situation, who the concerns are about, and the urgency of the concern.

Everyone impacted by the sexual abuse of children will get support and resources. However, our services are targeted to help adults prevent sexual abuse, so services for visitors who are under 18 or are looking for adult survivor recovery resources are more limited.

Is the Online Help Center confidential?

No personally identifiable informationi is required to get answers through the Online Help Center. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

What help can I get?

At the Online Help Center you will receive:

  • Specialized information related to your situation, such as recognizing warning signs of abuse, keeping everyone safe, resources for prevention, recovery, therapy and key legal concerns
  • Customized guidance on how to respond to your particular situation and how to talk with others about it
  • Practical resources and information on organizations that offer services to help you cope.
  • If you still have question, you can always turn to our professional Helpline staff to get personalized help and talk through a situation if you still have questions