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Stop It Now! also known as the 'Child Sex Abuse Prevention & Protection Center'

Find us in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)

combined federal campaignStarting 2009, Stop It Now! (CFC# 12223) participates in the CFC under our 'Doing Business As' name:  Child Sex Abuse Prevention and Protection Center.

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Roman Polanski case: Where were the responsible adults?

A 13-year old girl is drugged and raped at a party.  Her testimony was that she did not resist because she was afraid of Roman Polanski, the famous and powerful man who admitted raping her.

"Jenna's Law" raises awareness of warning signs

"Jenna's Law," which took effect in Texas on Sept. 1, mandates that teachers, parents and students be made aware of the signs of child sexual abuse.   Read more at

Sexual Abuse Prevention Bundle

Offender Locator App Highlights Need for Prevention App

According to the Chicago Tribune, one of the top 10 iPhone apps allows you to search for sex offenders in a particular location.   The difficult truth is that the vast majority (88%) of sexual abuse goes unreported. This means that 9 times out of 10, a person who sexually abused a child will have no criminal record at all and won't be listed on a registry -- even though they may have abused in the past.

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