State Statutes

State Statutes, Gateway, Child Welfare Information , Volume 2008, p.Statutes of limitations on reporting child sexual abuse, (2004)

Nine Questions Parents Need to Ask When Selecting a Program for their Child

Choosing a school or program is one of the most complicated and emotional decisions you have to make as a parent.   The specific activities, the schedule, the costs, how it matches your child’s needs and interest-- all these things play a part in your decision. Whether or not the school has a child sexual abuse prevention policy needs to be a consideration.

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention for Faith Communities

Faith communities offer children wonderful opportunities to develop spiritually and to be part of a larger, caring community.  Close caring relationships with adults are an important protective factori for children.  Families who are struggling often particularly need the friendship and informal mentoring opportunities provided by faith communities. Unfortunately, as in all organizations where adults and older youth interact with children, faith communities can unintentionally provide opportunities for inappropriate sexual behaviors towards children.

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