2010 Program Highlights


Published "What Do US Adults Think About Child Sexual Abuse?" a report on our national survey results that offers a unique - and sometimes surprising - glimpse into public views on child sexual abuse prevention.

What 5,000+ adults think about child sexual abuse - Webcast

Do you know what US adults think about preventing child sexual abuse? 

  • Do most adults believe that strangers are the biggest risk to children?
  • What do adults say that they would do if faced with suspected abuse?
  • Do they support treatment for offenders?

National Sex Offender Registry Highlights Prevention

You can now find prevention and education resources on the national registry website, including links to StopItNow.org

Federal Grant to Boost Help Services

"This program has invested years educating families ... about effective ways to protect children from abuse before it happens, and they've had proven results"

- Senator John Kerry

Funding to expand our Help Services

With the support of our Massachusetts legislative delegation, Stop It Now! is set to receive Federal funding to expand our Help Services and reinvigorate our free Helpline phone service.

Oprah on Child Molesters: Joint Statement from Stop It Now! and Darkness to Light


Contact: Deborah Donovan Rice
Executive Director, Stop It Now!
413.587.3500 ext. 1

Oprah on Child Molesters: Joint Statement from Stop It Now! and Darkness to Light

February 8, 2010:  We applaud Oprah for her ongoing efforts to prevent the sexual abuse of children. Parents watching this show may have additional questions about how to protect their children. Just as some people watching will want more information about where to go for help for themselves.

Stefanie Jane
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