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Circles of Safety Training and Technical Assistance Menu

Creating Circles of Safety:  
What Adults Can Do to Keep Children Safe from Sexual Abuse

Circles of Safety has been developed over the years, as a direct result of listening to individulals talk about their concerns, experiences and ideas about prevention. Using this information and feedback, Stop It Now! has been offering trainings to individuals and groups designed to both educate and prepare adults to confidently take action steps to create safe families and communites.

The Circles curriculum is built as modules to provide information and education about child sex abuse, the warning signs, communication skills and healthy sexuality. Imbedded into the modules are opportunities to practice and reflect, to build both the confidence and comfort level - which empower adults to speak up.

Our Circles of Safety training is adaptable to any youth serving enviroment, and for any audience of adults in caregiving and/or protective roles. Possible steps and activities can include

  • Assessment/training needs, including questionnaires, focus groups and individual and team discussions.
  • Curriculum consultation
  • Evaluation needs reviewed
  • Training implementation
  • Ongoing coaching/consultation
  • Follow up/renewal specialized training modules and learning groups

From webinars to training of trainer (TOT) programming, Stop It Now! works to provide a skill-based, confidence raising and action planning educational experience.

Module 1 - Awareness to Action: Introduction to  Prevention

This module covers basic facts and statistics about who sexually abuses children, how to recognize concerning behaviors and situations, and how to take action to create safe environments for children. 

Module 2 - Recognizing and Responding to Children’s Sexual Behaviors

This module covers how to determine whether sexual behaviors in children are age-appropriate, how to use context to determine when behaviors are inappropriate or harmful, and how to respond to behaviors outside of what you would expect to see in children of various ages. The focus is on pre-pubescent children. 

Module 3 - Recognizing and Responding to Adults’ Behaviors

This module focuses on how to recognize behaviors and situations that increase risk of sexual abuse by adults, how to set boundaries with those who interact with children, and how to speak up to keep children safe. 

Module 4 – Culture of Prevention in Youth Serving Organizations  

This module focuses on how organizations can proactively communicate their commitment to creating safe enviroments for children. It complements “risk management” approaches by providing strategies for organizations to create the environment where safety is embedded and policies are both comprehensive and enforced. Includes a brief review of six key components of child sexual abuse prevention for organizations:

  • Screening and selecting employees and volunteers
  • Guidelines on interactions between individuals
  • Monitoring behavior
  • Ensuring safe physical environments
  • Responding to inappropriate behavior, breaches in policy, and allegations and suspicions of child sexual abuse
  • Staff training on child sexual abuse prevention

Module 5 – Planning for Community-based Circles of Safety

This module is appropriate for multi-disciplinary community groups interested in a more comprehensive, community-wide approach to child sexual abuse prevention. It combines modules 1-4 with facilitated discussions of how participants can work together at the community level to prevent child sexual abuse. 

Please contact us to learn more about how you can schedule a Stop It Now! training for your organization or community.