NCAA taps Stop It Now! to Prevent Abuse

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has joined forces with Stop It Now! to offer its members resources to prevent and respond to child sexual abuse. In an Open Letter to Higher Education Community, NCAA President Mark Emmert writes:

“…none of us knows how deeply issues of sexual abuse run within the education community at any level or society as a whole. But we know that one instance is more than we can bear....No individual or component within the broad education community – from grade school to graduate school – is above the expectations for teaching and protecting those in our care.”

Take Action! Read the NCAA letter and review the prevention resources below.

To Get Help

To Report Abuse

Key Resources for Parents and Caregivers:

  1. Recognize warning signs and how to respond
  2. Talk to children and teens about prevention
  3. Create a family safety plan
  4. Speak up when you see warning sign behaviors- download our Let's Talk guidebook
  5. Learn what to ask the leaders of the programs your kids are involved in
  6. Ask questions about coaches and other youth leaders who show inappropriate interest in kids
  7. Get help for children and for adults who were sexually abused in childhood
  8. Read our FAQs on child sexual abuse prevention

Key Resources for Organizations and Professionals

Help for Common Situations and Questions

Adult survivors of child sexual abuse

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Worried about a child's behaviors?

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Worried about an adult's behaviors towards a child?

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Worried about behaviors between children or children and teens?

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Worried about your own thoughts towards children?

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