How Can We Support You to Be a Caring Adult?

Dear Visitor,


I am so glad you found our website.

Whether you are worried about a child

or just want to know what you can do to ensure your niece or nephew grows up free of any type of sexual abuse, our goal is to be in conversation with you to support you in being the caring adult in a child’s life that makes a difference.

Hold fast in your determination

to understand and learn--there is a lot of information here. You are the one who can take this information and make it come alive in your life and the lives of the big and little people you care about.

Let us know how we are doing in meeting your needs. Let us know what works for you. Let us know your ideas for prevention. Over the years, in our conversations with the courageous people who have called our Helpline or written to us, we have listened and learned how to give support and guidance along with useful information and resources.

Join us...

as we continue to listen and learn. Give us your time and your support toward the goal of all children being able to grow up healthy, loved and free of sexual trauma.


Deborah Donovan Rice
Executive Director

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