"Creating a New Normal" - Interview with the author

Stop It Now! Executive Director, Deborah Donovan Rice talked to Sylvia Coleman about her healing, prevention advice for adults, and the various ways she gives back as part of her own healing journey.   Listen to the interview.

Syliva is an an award-winning health journalist, advocate for sexual-abuse survivors, and entrepreneur. She learned of Stop It Now! in 2003 when its founder, Fran Henry, appeared on Oprah. That year Sylvia started workshops for African-Americans and eventually, survivors of diverse backgrounds. With a  Leeway Foundation grant she launched the Black Survivors Network in 2008, a national online support and resource center for black survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Last year, Sylvia appeared on NPR's news radio magazine show, Tell Me More with Michel Martin on the topic, "Sexual Abuse Often Taboo For Black Boys." Listen to the podcast.

Sylvia's 2009 book Creating a New Normal: Cleaning Up a Dysfunctional Life details her healing transformation. To read more about Sylvia’s book, visit: www.thenewnormalbook.com

We're pleased to let you listen in. THANK YOU SYLVIA!