Petition goal reached in one week!


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Congratulations to all of you! Together - and in less than one week - we reached our goal of 500 signatures. This is an enormous accomplishment.

The petition with your names and powerful comments will be sent to the Interagency Working Group on Youth Programs urging them to recommend that child sexual abuse prevention training and policies be included in their federal youth safety policy recommendations. This recommendation could have important and far reaching benefits for preventing child sexual abuse in every community in the US.

If you signed the petition, we will report back to you directly about their response or check back at 

Our next goal is 1,000 signatures so continue to sign and share this petition. It will remain open until Mar 31, 2011 or until we hear that the Working Group is no longer accepting input.

Thank you for inspiring so many people to speak out in support of practical ways that we can prevent the sexual abuse of children.

Stop It Now! has and continues to push for social and policy change in cooperation with other organizations working to prevent child sexual abuse, like Darkness to Light, Prevent Child Abuse America and its chapter-members, and other members of the National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation. Your support through this petition is an important contribution to this effort.