How Anita Hill inspired Stop It Now!

This week in October 2011 marks 20 years since Anita Hill was called before the Senate Judiciary Committee to testify in the confirmation hearings of then Supreme Court Justice nominee, Judge Clarence Thomas. In a very direct way, Stop It Now! owes its name to this unprecedented public event that so deeply impacted public discourse and helped change social norms.

As Stop It Now! approaches its 20th anniversary year, it’s fitting to remember how Anita Hill's testimony inspired the name and lasting message of a new organization whose innovations would focus exclusively on preventing child sexual abuse.  We invited Fran Henry, Stop It Now! founder and former Executive Director, to our offices and asked her about how she came up with the name "Stop It Now!” back in 1991. Here are her recollections.

Thanking Anita Hill 20 Years Later: Origins of the Stop It Now! Name

by Fran Henry

"I sat quietly on a bench drawing deep breaths, realizing that I was about to bring an organization into existence. It was the fall of 1991. My passion to prevent child sexual abuse had transformed to an articulated program idea: to prevent harm by reaching people who were about to…

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