Program Highlights 2012

Impacts and Accomplishments

In 2012 Stop It Now! celebrated its 20th anniversary. Below is a summary of some key accomplishments for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2012.

Help Services
Prevention Education
Prevention Advocacy
Technical Assistance

Help Services

  • Our Helpline responded to inquiries from adults in every US state, the District of Columbia, and from Armed Forces Americas, Europe and Pacific. 10% of those inquiries originated from 27 other countries. 
  • The new Ask Now! advice column launched to provide another way for adults to privately get practical guidance and resources for dealing with real life situations involving possible child sexual abuse.
  • Over 90% of people surveyed who use the Helpline agree that they “received a prompt reply,” “got their questions answered,” “ were satisfied with the resources,” and “were better prepared to take action.”
  • 60% of those surveyed said they took action after contacting the Helpline, and over two-thirds felt more confident and hopeful about taking action. 93% would recommend the Helpline to a friend.
  • In the aftermath of the high profile Sandusky/Penn State abuse story, adults from around the country contacted us with their concerns and seeking help to navigate complicated situations of suspected abuse. Average monthly Helpline inquiries have since increased to 186% of their previous level.

“It’s an emotional decision to file (a report)…I’m so glad I found you;
this was what I was hoping for when I called you, and it is exactly what I got.”

- A Helpline caller

Prevention Education

  • Website traffic increased by one third over the past year, with tens of thousands of visitors every month coming from every US state and over 210 other countries.
  • Hundreds of guidebooks, tip sheets and reports are downloaded every month by people from over 80 countries.
  • The overwhelming majority of users rate Stop It Now! materials as "very satisfactory" in quality, accuracy, meeting needs, and ease of access. 80-90% of users will keep using the materials, recommend them to friends or colleagues, and share them with others.

"I downloaded (the material) for a family that was in need.
I have always found this website, and the material, reliable and on-point."

- A professional


  • Developed and piloted three-part prevention training program Creating Circles of Safety: How to Speak Up and Keep Children Safe. Circles equips adults to intervene in response to warning sign behaviors, and thereby fills a critical need for follow-on to existing introductory prevention training for adults.
  • Provided training online and in-person to individuals and professionals to groups such as the Attorney General of Montana, US SMART Office, Defending Childhood Initiative, federal agencies, local child advocacy centers, and national youth serving groups.
  • Provide ongoing briefings and guidance to NCAA senior leadership. After the release of the Penn State Freeh Report, the NCAA highlighted its partnership with Stop It Now! in a statement that was part of a widely circulated Associated Press (AP) story.

“I can really walk away from this training and apply what I learned.”
- A participant in a Circles of Safety training

Prevention Advocacy

  • The child sexual abuse scandal at Penn State generated a huge increase in the coverage of the issue and a flurry of media attention. Stop It Now! responded to interview, information and resource requests from the Washington Post, New York Times, USA Today, Associated Press, CNN, The Boston Globe.
  • Published “Child Sexual Abuse Prevention: Lessons Learned from Stop It Now! Community-Based Programs” (.pdf),  a report based on stakeholder interviews to document impacts and lessons learned.
  • Submitted testimony to the U.S. Senate Subcommitee hearing, Breaking the Silence on Child Sexual Abuse: Protection, Prevention, Intervention, and Deterrence.
  • Served as a founding board member of the North American Alliance of Child Helplines (NAACH) and a key advisor in developing a website that provides children, youth and adults with a portal to members’ services.
  • NCAA President, Mark Emmert, released An Open Letter to the Higher Education Community (December 11, 2011) to members and the public in which he acknowledged Stop It Now! as a key national resource for accurate and supportive child sex abuse prevention guidance.

“… call Stop It Now! for help when they are unsure about reporting ...
The purpose of the Helpline is to put those in need in touch with those who can help.”
- NCAA President Mark Emmert

Technical Assistance

  • Provided technical assistance, project grants, and networking opportunities to non-governmental organizations in Africa and Latin America to continue projects developing and delivering child sexual abuse prevention training and materials, and strengthening helpline services. We are grateful to the Oak Foundation for providing the core support that makes our international outreach and partnerships possible. Read more
  • Completed technical assistance to pilot projects focused on preventing the sexual exploitation of adolescent boys. Read the full report.

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