April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Let us help you educate adults and empower adults to prevent child sexual abuse! There's no better time to raise awareness about how adults can keep kids safe from sexual abuse.

Reflecting our trademark positive and hopeful approach, our prevention materials replace fear and dire warnings with sound information and practical tools for action.

With our materials you can help show your community that preventing child sexual abuse really is possible - and is every adult's responsibility.  Together we can prevent the sexual abuse of children.

Guidebooks and Tools

Positive & Practical. Our guidebooks answer common questions and offer actions that parents and other caring adults can use every day to keep children safe.

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Prevent Child Sexual Abuse: Facts about Abuse and Those Who Might Commit It. A clear, concise primer on child sexual abuse that offers practical steps adults can take to prevent it - before it starts. (14 pages)

Let's Talk: Adults Talking to Adults about Child Sexual Abuse. A practical guide to one of Stop It Now!'s core principles for protecting children: adults talking honestly with other adults. (14 pages)

Do Children Sexually Abuse Other Children? Preventing Sexual Abuse Among Children and Youth . Offers a clear, positive discussion about actions adults can take to prevent harmful sexual interactions between children. (18 pages)

Algo estaba pasando en mi propio hogar, y yo no me habia dado cuenta antes (Something was going on in my own home and I didn't realize it). This Spanish-language brochure, written in mini novella format with lists of warning sign behaviors, informs readers that help is available for people who sexually abuse children. (2 pages) Free download

Prevention Tools (FREE!)

Give adults the tools they need to protect children in your community.

Download, print and distribute these short, practical Prevention Tools for free using our Creative Commons License. See our Terms of Use.

Don't Wait! Everyday Actions to Keep Kids Safe. Provides specific actions parents and caregivers can take to create a safer environment that keeps kids safe. (2 pages)

Concerned about Sex Offenders in Your Neighborhood Offers suggestions for individuals and communities on how to respond to knowledge that people with sexual abuse convictions are living in their communities. (2 pages)

Create a Family Safety Plan. A practical blueprint for establishing a safer family environment and more supportive network to help protect children from sexual abuse. (2 pages)

Online Safety

The volume of "Internet safety" advice, information and technologies has expanded rapidly.

We present a managable list of questions, answers and resources for prevention in families, concerns about a specific person's internet use, and reporting Internet crime.

The Internet and Children - What's the problem? A guide published by our sister organization, Stop It Now! UK & Ireland that encourages people to question their own use of Internet technologies and to seek advice. Contains information needed to recognize potentially harmful Internet use, as well as tips about how to help children stay safe online.

Keeping Adults and Children Safe on the Internet. A supplement to The Internet and Children for U.S. audiences. If you have concerns about your own or someone else's behaviors online, this resource guide provides links to selected publications and valuable guidance directly informed by our the needs of our Helpline callers and work with communities.