Penn State: Prevention = No More Victims

How the Sandusky-Penn State case can keep children safe from abuse

"This story is a call to action to all adults to step up to keeping children safe from sexual harm. It is not about one individual, one system that failed to protect, or one college scandal."

Since the story broke last week, Stop It Now! has been speaking out and responding to media with a focus on how this case can be a catalyst for national commitment to preventing the sexual abuse of children. We are helping adults focus on what they can do to prevent child sexual abuse in their own lives and communities.  

Join with us to help build a national conversation that's focused on preventing child sexual abuse. Subscribe to our e-list, contact us, follow on Twitter (@stopitnow), and connect on Facebook. Together we CAN prevent the sexual abuse of children. It's not inevitable.


Learn how you can keep children safe

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Tell Feds to Require Abuse Prevention for Youth Programs

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  • National 
 Exploitation, "From

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