Stop It Now! Helpline FAQs

The Stop It Now! Helpline (1.888.PREVENT)

Mondays: 12-3 pm, Thursdays: 1-4 pm, Fridays: 12-3 pm, Eastern Time. No caller ID is used on this line.

The Stop It Now! National Helpline (1.888.PREVENT) offers adults the opportunity to voice their personal fears about their own or someone else’s sexualized thoughts or behavior toward children. Often our callers indicate that they have never spoken these words out loud before.

With guidance from our professional staff, adults can learn about sexual abuse; identify specialized treatment options for themselves or someone they care about; develop prevention and safety plan strategies; find language for an effective conversation when they have concerns, and learn how to report those concerns to authorities when appropriate.

The Helpline informs and backstops all our other program activities – from marketing campaigns and local programs to our guidebooks and trainings. We hear from media representatives, child protection professionals, law enforcement, community organizers, and individuals who have heard of our Helpline through trainings, advertisements or the internet.

What do we mean when we say our Helpline is "confidential"?

We are committed to creating a private place where callers can freely and openly discuss their concerns and consider what steps to take next. No caller ID is used on this Helpline. To maintain privacy, callers should avoid mentioning identifying details such as last names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and employers of anyone directly involved in an abusive situation. Stop It Now! does not need any of these details to provide you with helpful guidance and resources to take appropriate action.

What about reporting?

If a caller wishes to file a report, we will offer assistance. If callers choose to give identifying information about specific people involved in a particular child abuse situation, Stop It Now! may be required to file a report. If you have further questions concerning our confidentiality policy, please ask at the beginning of your Helpline call.

Who should contact the Stop It Now! Helpline?

Anyone concerned about warning signs or a possible situation of child sexual abuse can contact the Stop It Now! Helpline for information, resources and guidance. If you cannot find the answers to your questions or your situation in the Online Help Center or if you want to talk with a trained professional, please call 1.888.PREVENT for help.

What can I expect when I call the Stop It Now! Helpline?

The Stop It Now! Helpline is a safe place to talk with knowledgeable professionals working in the field of child sexual abuse prevention. Our supportive Helpline Staff will help you identify and learn to recognize warnings signs, get help and guidance on next steps, referrals and resources.

What should I NOT expect from the Helpline?

Please be aware that the Helpline does not offer legal advice, therapy, or carry out investigations of any kind. If you are looking for advocacy or support regarding an active investigation or court case, we have a limited list of legal resources we can offer. If you need legal advice or counsel, please consult an attorney directly.