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Stop It Now! has the practical, hopeful and specialized resources adults need to prevent child sexual abuse. Follow the links below to review, download or order prevention materials or search for specialized resources.

We know that lack of information is a key barrier in taking a step to prevent child sexual abuse. That's why we've also made available a searchable database of the resources used by our Helpline staff as an additional tool for understanding child sexual abuse and taking actions to prevent it.

Title Description
Children and the Law: Frequently Asked Questions
Children with Sexual Behavior Problems: Fact and Information Page

Information about Children with Sexual Behavior Problems.

Clergy as Mandatory Reporters of Child Abuse and Neglect: Summary of State Laws

Information about when where members of the clergy are required to report child abuse.

Club Care Campaign: USA Gymnastics

USA gymnastic's program to keep children and youth safe in extra-curricular and competitive gymnastic's environments.

Codependents of Sex Addicts
Committee for Children Personal Safety: Article
Common Sense Media
Connect Safely

ConnectSafely is for parents, teens, educators, advocates - everyone engaged in and interested in the impact of the social Web.

Consumers Guide to Therapist Shopping

Empowering and informative discussion about the process of choosing professional support for adult survivors of sexual abuse.  Appropriate for both men and women.

Coping with the Shock of Intrafamilial Sexual Abuse
Court Appointed Special Advocate Association (CASA)

A network of trained volunteers representing the best interests of abused and neglected children in the courtroom and other settings.

Creating a Safe Place for Children and Youth in Communities of Faith: Article

Suggested policies and practices for faith-based communities to design safe environments
Tags: Church, Congregation, Prevention, Advocacy, Ministry, Temple

Creating Safer Enviroments for Children

Resources and tools for creating safe and abuse free enviroments for parents and organizations.

Crime Victim Assistance Directory: National Center for Victims of Crime

Directory available of local victim assistance resources, including legal, financial and emotional 

Crime Victim Services Directory: Office for Victims of Crime

 Directory of resources for victims of crime including legal, financial and emotional

Crimes Against Children Research Center
Crisis Centers Directory

Crisis center directory.


Online confidential support and help to address own child pornography viewing

Custody Cases: Protecting your Child from Sexual Abuse: Article

Information and guidance for parents in custody cases involving sexual abuse, written by Atty. Arlaine Rockey

Cybersex Unhooked: A Workbook for Breaking Free from Compulsive Online Sexual Behavior