Library of Resources

Stop It Now! has the practical, hopeful and specialized resources adults need to prevent child sexual abuse. Follow the links below to review, download or order prevention materials or search for specialized resources.

We know that lack of information is a key barrier in taking a step to prevent child sexual abuse. That's why we've also made available a searchable database of the resources used by our Helpline staff as an additional tool for understanding child sexual abuse and taking actions to prevent it.

Title Description
Recovery and Support for Adult Survivors and Their Families: Book List

Book list on healing and recovery for adults sexually abused as children

Reducing Children's Vulnerbility to Sexual Abuse
Reducing Sexual Abuse Through Treatment and Intervention with Abusers: Article

Information about treatment of offenders.

Reform Sex Offender Laws
Religious Institute: Faithful Voices on Sexuality and Religion

Faith based sexuality education materials.
Tags: Church, Congregation, Worship, Temple, Mosque, Prevention, Advocacy

Resource Guide on Preventing Child Sexual Abuse in Youth Sports

Resource list of general information and sample policies for preventing abuse in youth sports organizations.
Tags: Prevention and Advocacy, Youth Sports, Athletics, Coaches

Review of the Evidence on Child Pornography: Fact and Information Page

Research findings about Child Pornography. UK based website.

Safe Place

Information for teens.

Safe to Compete

Provides access to resources and tools to increase awareness and protect student athletes

Safe to Compete: An Introduction to Sound Practices in Keeping Children Safer to Youth Serving Organizations

Booklet with guidance, tips and resources for making youth serving environments safer


Advocacy and prevention program with resources for student athletes, parents and sports clubs and organizations

SAMHSA Mental Health Services Locator

Resource directory to locate mental health services across the US


Comprehensive sexuality information and help for teens and young adults.

Services Available to Victims of Human Trafficking: Resource Guide

A guide of community and State-funded resources, including food, shelter, clothing, medical care, legal assistance, and job training for victims of trafficking.

Sex Abuse Treatment Alliance – Sex Offenders Restored Through Treatment

 Information, resources and referrals for adults offending or at-risk to offend

Sex Addicts Anonymous

12-step support groups for adults with addictive sexual behaviors

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
Sex and Tech: What's Really Going On?

Information and resources about technology and sex.

Sex Education Resource Center

Resource for sex education for parents, professionals and anyone involved in the welfare of children and teens

Sex Offender Registration Tips (SORT)

Tip form to notify authorities of a registered sex offender in violation complying with registration laws