Library of Resources

Stop It Now! has the practical, hopeful and specialized resources adults need to prevent child sexual abuse. Follow the links below to review, download or order prevention materials or search for specialized resources.

We know that lack of information is a key barrier in taking a step to prevent child sexual abuse. That's why we've also made available a searchable database of the resources used by our Helpline staff as an additional tool for understanding child sexual abuse and taking actions to prevent it.

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For survivors of ritual abuse, mind control and torture and their allies

Survivors of Incest Anonymous

Provides support and resources for anyone who has been affected by child sexual abuse.

Survivor's Guide to Filing a Civil Lawsuit: Resource Guide
Survivor Manual

Resources on healing and recovery.

Surivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP)

A self-help organization of adult survivors of clergy sexual abuse and their allies addressing healing and justice. Chapters and groups in over 50 US cities.

Supporting Woman Abuse Survivors as Mothers: A Resource to Support Parenting
Support for Partners

Support and information for partners of an adult survivor of child sex abuse

Stop The Silence
Stop The Silence
Stop The Silence
Stop The Grooming: How you can prevent sexual misconduct by educational employees: Article

Understanding grooming behavior in the school setting, and suggestions on responding to grooming behavior for educational staff and boards.

Stop It Now! UK
Stop Educator Sexual Abuse, Misconduct, and Exploitation (SESAME)

Organization dedicated to public awareness and prevention to address sexual safety in educational settings.

Stop Cyberbullying

Information and resources for youth and adults.

State Liason Officers for Child Abuse and Neglect

A listing of liason officers by state.

State Laws: Child Sexual Abuse
South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Abuse - Booklet

A booklet for parents and other non-offending caregivers of children who have been sexually abused on caring for themselves and the family.

Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health

Counseling referrals for sexual behavior concerns or online sexual behavior problems

Sidran Institute
Sibling Abuse Survivors' Information and Advocacy Network (SASIAN)

Information, including parent guide to address questions regarding sibling sexual abuse.