Prevention Tools

Stop It Now! has the practical, hopeful and specialized resources adults need to prevent child sexual abuse. Follow the links below to review, download or order prevention materials, buy promotional items, or search for specialized resources.

Resource Guides

The links below will take you to lists of organizations and resources used frequently by our Helpline. Lists are organized by topics to help you find those resources most relevant to your situation. These guides are not comprehensive but will help you begin to find supports and starting places. Search our online resource directory for additional relevant resources by topic.

Library of Resources

We know that lack of information is a key barrier in taking a step to prevent child sexual abuse. That's why we've made available a searchable database of the resources used by our Helpline staff as an additional tool for understanding child sexual abuse and taking actions to prevent it.

Promotional items

  • Visit our Online Store for items you can use to raise awareness about preventing child sexual abuse.