Finding and Choosing Professional Treatment

Anyone whose life has been affected by child sexual abuse usually finds themselves seeking professional counseling for their child, for themself or for someone else they care about.  If you are in that position now, you know that sometimes it can be confusing and overwhelming when beginning to look for a therapist. 

If there is health insurance that covers counseling, you may start there – but then what?  How do you decide on a mental health specialist that can meet you and your family’s needs?    And if there is no insurance, where do you begin to identify treatment providers?

Having guidance on how to find and choose a therapist that is a good match may help you to feel more confident about finding someone who can support you and your loved ones as the healing from child sexual abuse begins. There are many informed resources on the internet with tips to choosing a therapist.  In addition to resources listed for specific audiences (child survivors, adult surivors, and children or adults who have abused or are at-risk), this page provides additional referral sources as well as information on how to choose a specialist.