Community Action

All adults are responsible for creating safe communities where sexual abuse is stopped before a child is ever harmed. Join the growing number of adults who are standing up and speaking out about child sexual abuse. Starting the discussion is the first step to making kids less vulnerable to sexual abuse.

  • Turn your fear into confidence. Learn the warning signs so you can get past the fears and silence that prevent us from taking actions to protect kids.
  • Talk to your family about prevention tips to protect kids. Be ready speak up when adults cross the line.
  • Share with your online network. Add us as a link to your website and tell your network about prevention. 
  • Explore our new website and take our website survey to help us create the most effective tools for keeping children safe from sexual abuse.

Join the movement of individuals and organizations dedicated to protecting children.

Creating safe environments where children and teens are safe from sexual harm is everyone’s responsibility. Join us by taking steps to protect the children in your community from sexual abuse.

Action 1: Donate to support prevention.

We need your help to continue delivering resources, providing support, and caring for children. Please donate generously so we can end child sexual abuse together. 

Action 2: Get the facts and pass them on.

Myths and stereotypes can get in the way of protecting children. Check out Stop It Now!’s research-based publications to get the latest information on child sexual abuse. Learn what steps you can take to ensure a healthy childhood for the children in your life.

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Action 3: Start talking!

Too often no one talks about the possibility of abuse until after a child is harmed. Talk with your family and friends about what you are doing to protect your children and ask what they think. Bring a Stop It Now! handout or guidebook to your school, faith community, or community group to start the discussion.

Check out our Prevention Tools to download and share

Action 4: Blog for Stop It Now!

Add a link to Stop It Now!’s website to your webpage. Tell everyone about your experience and ideas for prevention. We can learn from each other and motivate others to do what they can to keep a child safe.

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Action 5: Tell us what you think.

Our website has an interactive Online Help Center tool to help people respond to concerning situations. We'll be adding forums to let you help us create more effective tools. Please give us feedback on how we're doing so far and let us know what you'd like to see.

Action 6: Want to do more? Get online training!

Maybe you need this information for your work with kids. Maybe it’s so you feel more able to speak up in work or at a social gathering. Maybe you want to take action because of your personal experience with the issue. Our online training, pwill give you the background on the facts of abuse, warning sign behaviors and effective actions to take.

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Action 7: Show your support for prevention.

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