Joining with helplines around the world to help children and families

The Stop It Now! Helpline has much to offer – and to learn – from our peer helplines that serve children and adults around issues of child well-being.

Since 2008 Stop It Now! has been a member of Child Helpline International (CHI), the global network of child helplines working to protect the rights of children. With 155 Members in 133 countries, CHI hears and responds to the voices of children and families in need. It is a unique global voice and change agent toward the vision of child rights and safety in all societies.  Stop It Now! brings specialized experience in child sexual abuse response and prevention to the network.

“CHI recognizes the value of the specialized information on child sexual abuse prevention offered by Stop It Now! and will continue to take advantage of opportunities to expose to the membership opportunities to increase their expertise in the topic.”  - Magdalena Aguilar, Programme Manager - Americas & Caribbean, CHI

We are also a founding member of the North American Alliance for Child Helplines (NAACH) started in 2011 by North American CHI members and spearheaded by the BeCause Foundation. Through CHI and NAACH, we have developed relationships with an international community of providers that is actively involved in improving child welfare, as well as preventing child sexual abuse.

Our goals for these partnerships are to:

  • Increase visibility and use of our Help Services by adults who have questions and concerns about preventing child sexual abuse.
  • Improve and deepen our own services through shared learning with peers.
  • Increase access to vital funding for our Help Services.

NAACH and its members have developed and will soon launch a new website ( and helpline for children, youth and adults seeking help with child safety. will offer support and resources to children and adults with any questions or concerns about children’s and teen’s safety and health.

Membership in these networks has allowed Stop It Now! to benefit from the breadth of experience and technical knowledge of other member helplines. As the only member helpline exclusively serving adults, we offer a unique perspective on empowering adults to nurture and protect children. And we actively look for places where our specialization on preventing the sexual abuse of children - a challenging and taboo child welfare topic – can strengthen the work of other helplines.

International participation

Through membership in CHI, Stop It Now! is making important connections globally with other agencies that operate child-serving helplines.

Stop It Now! participates actively in CHI regional and international consultations, including through a presentation at the most recent biennial CHI International Consultation in 2010 (Madrid, Spain) and participation in the Americas and Caribbean Regional Consultation in Lima, Peru in 2011. Our Helpline Coordinator Jenny Coleman will be presenting at the upcoming October 2012 International Consultation in South Africa. 

Stop It Now! is currently in the third year of a partnership with Corpolatin, the child helpline in Colombia to adapt and implement Stop It Now! programming on child sexual abuse prevention. Learn more about our international partnerships.