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Crime Victim Services Directory: Office for Victims of Crime (Office for Victims of Crime)

 Directory of resources for victims of crime including legal, financial and emotional

Sex Addicts Anonymous

12-step support groups for adults with addictive sexual behaviors

Crime Victim Assistance Directory: National Center for Victims of Crime (National Center for Victims of Crime )

Directory available of local victim assistance resources, including legal, financial and emotional 

Child Welfare Information Gateway

National clearinghouse of publications and resources related to laws on child abuse and neglecti including state-specific information regarding reporting laws and policies

National Children's Alliance

Community based and professional assistance through member organizations of the Children's Alliance.  Provides forensic interviews, treatment, medical examinations and more using a team and family-driven model.

Center on Children and the Law (American Bar Association (ABA))

American Bar Association (ABA)

Resources for lawyer referrals, legal advocacy and information.

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program Search Tool (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner/Sexual Assault Response Team )

Sexual assault nurse examiner/sexual assault response team program locator.

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