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Club Care Campaign: USA Gymnastics

USA gymnastic's program to keep children and youth safe in extra-curricular and competitive gymnastic's environments.

Safe to Compete: An Introduction to Sound Practices in Keeping Children Safer to Youth Serving Organizations (Safe to Compete)

Booklet with guidance, tips and resources for making youth serving environments safer

Safe to Compete

Provides access to resources and tools to increase awareness and protect student athletes

Sexual Abuse Center

Answers to Questions About Youth Sports Coach's Behavior


Advocacy and prevention program with resources for student athletes, parents and sports clubs and organizations

Article: Out of Bounds: Sexual Abuse in Sports

Psychology Today (magazine) blogger with advice and tips for observing coaches and other’s behaviors

What Every Athlete Should Know (Safe4Athletes)

Information for the student athlete on sexual safety and getting help

A Guide to Prevention and Awareness of Abuse for Youth Sports Organizations

Information for organization and staff on safety planning

Creating Safer Enviroments for Children (Commit to Kids - Canada)

Resources and tools for creating safe and abuse free enviroments for parents and organizations.

Stop The Grooming: How you can prevent sexual misconduct by educational employees: Article

Understanding groomingi behavior in the school setting, and suggestions on responding to groomingi behavior for educational staff and boards.

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